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Moooi Menagerie of Extinct Animals

  • 31 May 2023


A little bit of Moooi goodness has been added to a plain home inhabited by a super stylish family.

Generic white walled open plan living with polished concrete floors, and a ditsy traditional fire surround needed an injection of drama to match the family’s personality.

Now they happily live amongst 10 mysterious animals digitally printed on a soft touch textile, the stunning Menagerie of Extinct Animals wallpaper has introduced drama to the dining kitchen wall, a complimentary deep black green on the fire surround and scullery splash back hook the living spaces together.


Mind The Gap Wallpaper

  • 11 March 2022

The Curator’s Cabinet is the latest offering from Mind The Gap, a wallpaper collection of exotic delights rich in detail and colour. Of course it’s impossible to select a favorite, but these are amongst mine …

Samurai and Geisha Wallpaper depicting traditional Japanese characters in a midnight forest, with heavily patterned kimonos flowing, wild animals and swaying trees the scene is alive


Gardens of Jaipur wallpaper has you lost in a sprawling garden filled with intricately detailed wildlife and buildings


The Former Emperor pays homage to Japanese woodblock prints of the 1800’s crests of the waves glimmer with metallic highlights as the wooden boats battle the elements.

Described as A journey in search of beauty, from the walls of Persia to the Palaces of India and the upper echelons of Japanese society, this collection is a visual expedition around the world.

ātaahua – beautiful


Feature walls

  • 27 February 2017

I often get asked if people still do feature walls interestingly enough almost every time the question is voiced out loud it’s accompanied with a shame full cringe is if an unwritten rule has been broken and lighting is about to strike.

My reply is always this …….. There aren’t any Interior Design rules, lets face it it’s not a life and death situation! If there were rules and this was one of them and YOU love the idea of a feature wall then lets do it!

At least half of my projects have feature walls or feature rooms, it is a perfect way to add depth, mood, texture and personality.

This recently completed project in Mount Maunganui, is a great example of all of those things.

A harmonious collaboration between myself,  JMAC Architecture and  Ultimate Homes.

Images via Redfish