Category: Bathroom renovations

Ensuite illusion

  • 24 January 2014

This Ensuite is part of an apartment renovation I have recently completed, the Design brief was to make a very small, internal, dated master bedroom ensuite into a sophisticated, light, spacious,  functional space with storage.

This type of brief requires all the tricks to be pulled out of the bag!  The main focus was to create an illusion of space , a wall hung vanity top clears the floor space,  full width mirrors that have storage behind them visually doubles the wall space, contrasting black tiles on the end wall of the shower push the wall away elongating the room. Mood lighting along with task lighting adds depth.  Job done!

Image by Living Visions Photography

Tuscan bathroom

  • 3 April 2013

I have a new project under way… a bathroom renovation in a stunning Tuscan villa.  The current layout is dominated by a corner spa bath and very dated wall tiling.    As with most renovations its going to involve some compromises, this time its the terracotta floor tiles which run through out the entire home and therefore have to stay. 

So I’m going to add some clean modern lines while keeping with the overall Tuscan style, maximum storage with a custom-made vanity and  the Robertson Zen basin will be a perfect fit along with tumbled marble mosaic tiles.