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Kieran Kinsella Stools

  • 12 March 2015

Oh boy this is a treat Kieran Kinsella’s work encompasses all things I admire in design – simple elegant forms that enhance natural materials

When I look at these wooden stools I immediately think of the illustrations on Maurice Sendak’s book ‘Where The Wild Things Are” these little babies are ready to march across the room! They all ooze personality, look at wedge detail…..aah no way I could choose just one

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nifty cabinetry

  • 18 September 2014

I like little things … finely crafted bowls of glass, wood or colourful china are impossible to  pass by without touching, I also like little spaces I feel more comfortable in an intimate space than a large voluminous space.

Small things and spaces require much more thought and attention to detail to be successful I think that’s why they appeal to me.

Small thoughtful spaces require nifty cabinetry and I think this All-In-One-Bunk Bed by Studio Oink is amazing!! See how everything has multiple purposes, the black board is a door, raising the bed double storage space.

More importantly if your a kid it just plain cool

industrial furniture

  • 10 October 2013

Continuing the search along the lines of my last post for design elements with an Industrial theme I was delighted to find this gem.   The Metro Table by De Castelli. The Metro is made with acid-etched iron sheet or natural black iron, folded to hold the two firewood trestles

De Castelli is an Italian company with generations of blacksmiths and steelworkers passing down their craft. In true Italian style De Castelli combine traditional craft with future technology and innovation.

The Italian eye for detail is clearly seen here on The Metro. The shapes are so simple, the contrasting materials stunning! Is it necessary? …Yes, is it Beautiful? …Yes! 

Visit  and www.decastelliit/it for more.