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custom cabinetry

  • 18 March 2024

Open plan living is great BUT where does all the stuff go?

The clients brief was to make a redundant corner of the living space multi functional, it needed to house a TV, a sound system, storage for board games, a laptop area for kids homework and a charging station for devices.

Rather than using individual pieces of furniture I have carefully designed custom cabinetry which wraps the corner of the room, not only ticking all of the functional requests but providing an elegant solution as well.

nifty cabinetry

  • 18 September 2014

I like little things … finely crafted bowls of glass, wood or colourful china are impossible to ┬ápass by without touching, I also like little spaces I feel more comfortable in an intimate space than a large voluminous space.

Small things and spaces require much more thought and attention to detail to be successful I think that’s why they appeal to me.

Small thoughtful spaces require nifty cabinetry and I think this All-In-One-Bunk Bed by Studio Oink is amazing!! See how everything has multiple purposes, the black board is a door, raising the bed double storage space.

More importantly if your a kid it just plain cool