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Bathroom texture

  • 12 November 2014

Stop searching I’ve found it!  This has to be THE perfect bathroom, – actually if you follow my blog you will know that I have made this claim before – sorry!

So often I see bathrooms that have be overlooked in the ‘looks’department and treated as purely functional I do get excited when I come across a bathroom of beauty.

Beatrix Rowe Interior Design of Melbourne have left no stone unturned here

There are soooo many things I admire in this room, the window is obviously exquisite and the clever placement of the full width mirror expands the detail. A great example of a monochrome room of texture – matte  timber, polished marble, the tiny mosaic floor tiles verses the over-sized proportion of the light fitting.

Simply lovely

Tuscan bathroom

  • 3 April 2013

I have a new project under way… a bathroom renovation in a stunning Tuscan villa.  The current layout is dominated by a corner spa bath and very dated wall tiling.    As with most renovations its going to involve some compromises, this time its the terracotta floor tiles which run through out the entire home and therefore have to stay. 

So I’m going to add some clean modern lines while keeping with the overall Tuscan style, maximum storage with a custom-made vanity and  the Robertson Zen basin will be a perfect fit along with tumbled marble mosaic tiles.