Nature’s Architect

  • 8 December 2013

It’s easy to get scooped up into the madness of this time of year, before you know it your driving like a crazy person with your list of “to do’s” growing as quickly as the days are passing.  How delightful would it be to be able to escape to a home like this?, These image make you stop and breathe.  I love everything about this home, the use of raw materials, how this inside draws you out, planning detailed enough to include the effect of the sunlight!

In fact the entire portfolio is stunning!  Viewing the beautiful rich earthy homes I was thinking now that’s my favourite, only to browse the next home and think oh no ‘THAT”S my favourite! It was hard to pick just one of the many projects by the Melbourne boutique scale architectural studio Wolveridge Architects. One of the key principles of the company to “create a building form that is physically beautiful and enriches the lives of the occupants”

These images are of the Eltham South, Blairgowrie project