• 14 January 2014

I was fortunate enough to listen to Sir John Kirwan speak late in December, what an inspiring man, there were lots of laughs amongst the serious messages of the evening, about halfway through his presentation he asked us all to stand and hug 4 complete strangers each, a look of discomfort crossed most of our faces, the atmosphere of the room altered once the task was completed, the look of discomfort surprisingly had changed to one of pleasure.

The message that stayed with me the most was a simple one; “feel the water” life is so busy most things we do on a daily basis become chores to hurry through. So to stop and actually take time to FEEL the water is remarkable. I have made an effort each day since to stop and ‘look’, it has been a delight to do this with the kids over the holidays and see them ‘look’ as well. The master of all design Mother Nature has treats for us everywhere if we take time to notice, the inside of an orange, the shadow of leaves dancing on the grass, tiny faces locked into tree trunks. Try it…….