Floor rug size and placement

  • 1 May 2020

So you have your lounge all set, everything is incredibly clean (thanks to lockdown) you have plumped and then karate-chopped the cushions, the styling is perfect BUT still, something is bothering you  ….. the missing link is often a floor rug, yes even over carpet!

Adding a floor rug is an easy way to pull a space together, it can anchor furniture, add texture and frame a space.

Check out these little sketches for some size and placement advice

Furniture  floating in large space can be anchored with a floor rug that is large enough for the furniture to sit completely on the rug

When furniture is against the wall try tucking the rug under the front legs only


2 couches facing each other, try a smaller rug in the center.


Texture can come from a chunky wool loop carpet with a leather binding, particularly good for a hard wooden floor, or add plush silk carpet that you can wiggle your toes into. Floor rugs are a perfect opportunity to add some colour and pattern to the space remember its all about layering.

I came across  The Rug Company a few years ago and have been consistently inspired by their beautiful projects, in particular, the custom design rugs as below… AMAZING!!!

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Climbing Leopard by Diane Von Furstenberg