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Fine detailing

  • 4 December 2014

There is some seriously fine detailing in this home, Australian Interior Designer Sally Taylor has managed to make every corner of this family home in Sydney shimmer and glow.

The entrance is oozing intricate detailing and yet it still appears calm, warm and inviting. The texture of the block work is beautiful, the variation of block size had been repeated in the timber screen and again in the entrance door – clever!

Fabrics are beautifully vibrant, again attention has been paid to the tiniest of details – scatter cushions piped to match the couch upholstery,  feature fabric used on the back of the arm chairs – perfect for a bold print.  The change in direction of the flooring emphasizing the shape of the room and the oh so simple fire place. Gorgeous!

nifty cabinetry

  • 18 September 2014

I like little things … finely crafted bowls of glass, wood or colourful china are impossible to  pass by without touching, I also like little spaces I feel more comfortable in an intimate space than a large voluminous space.

Small things and spaces require much more thought and attention to detail to be successful I think that’s why they appeal to me.

Small thoughtful spaces require nifty cabinetry and I think this All-In-One-Bunk Bed by Studio Oink is amazing!! See how everything has multiple purposes, the black board is a door, raising the bed double storage space.

More importantly if your a kid it just plain cool

Greek Villa

  • 11 June 2014

I came Villa Kalos while ago via est magazine and  I have to confess I haven’t been able to resist revisiting these stunning images, I figure if I look at them often enough I will be magically transported there …. imagine how difficult it would be to leave!

Villa Kalos opened in 2011 after being lovingly restored by South African Photographers Gerda Genis and Robbert Koene, you can see their photographers eye for detail every where you look.

Situated in Ithaka Greece, Villa Kalos offers luxurious boutique accommodation for holiday makers looking for the ultimate  Greek Island getaway. Nestled in the country side surrounded by Almond trees and Olive groves, the vegetable garden area is to die for let alone the salt water swimming pool.

The interior is a fantastic combination of restored original building elements and modern comforts, oozing a charming warmth,  Villa Kalos is definitely going on  my bucket list!

Secret agent colour

  • 17 March 2014

I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to spotting colourful interiors, I have to say they are hard to come by!

While I admire the current  Scandinavian look of white on white (I’m not so sure about the carefully stage monochrome accessories just quietly!) I do wonder how live-able these rooms are? They often don’t feel like Homes to me, and lets be honest …. where the heck are you supposed to hide the kids?

I love the idea of Colour working like a secret agent controlling us without our knowing, how easily our spirits are lifted in a space with the the right hue.  Colour is a dramatic backdrop to the things we surround ourselves with too, after all these treasures  all have a special story attached to them, a  gift from loved one, an extravagant treat for yourself, a precious drawing from your children or the reminded of a holiday, it’s not just catalog stuff it’s a collection of memories. Memories of a life well lived, a life bursting with colour.

These beautiful images are by Photographer Rachel Whiting Warning secret agents are at work these WILL make you feel good!


  • 3 March 2014

Lots of things caught my eye in this kitchen, first off I’m magnetically drawn to the corner booth style seating it looks like a great place to hang out, a simple solution to a dining space! Then there is the beautifully displayed pottery collection and last but not least are the handles.  Oh and the floor!

Digging a little further into Kristian Septimius Kroug Photography site unearthed this image, again many things caught my eye in particular the original exposed brick work, stunning texture and warmth.

Monochrome Magic

  • 10 February 2014

This is the work of Photographer Paul Massey, I confess I had to scroll through each and every shot of his website. What I admired the most is the “mood” he has managed to create in each image.

Even though many of the images are devoid of colour I found myself drawn into my laptop screen for a closer look, the styling is superb. Without colour texture becomes the star of the show.

Great industrial light and bench seating, see  the cabinetry combination right hand doors plain,while the left hand doors have detailed panelling and a paint finish yet they sit together seamlessly.

Colour Blocking

  • 15 January 2014

Colour blocking is  the new kid on the block.  Fashion runways are the stylistic leaders of the pack, interior design trends soon follow the catwalks. The stunning catwalk fashion colour blocking combinations of Rosebud Pink with Lime Green, Regal purples with Fiery oranges these bold combos will now drift into our homes. Yippee!!

It’s a whole new take on trusty feature walls that we know and are comfortable with, now we just switch them up a little. Colour Blocked walls are cool, they are fresh and best of all they are easily achievable!

This happy little example via  Pinecone Camp  shows just  how gorgeous the results can be!

beach front apartment living

  • 5 November 2013

Apartment living can pose plenty of challenges from a design perspective, particularly when the space is to be a permanent residence.

With my inner need to make all things functional and beautiful I was definitely up for the challenge.

The client brief was simple, the only restriction to the Mount Maunganui beach front penthouse apartment were the exterior walls. The existing floor plan was a poor use of space, the interior dated and tired so the decision was made to gutt the apartment and start with a clean slate.

Many many many concepts later we found the solution; open plan living  pivoting around the central kitchen with direct  access to the deck creating the hub of the home, a hidden office space incorporated into the dining room, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms all in a striking monochrome palette perfect for showcasing the undeniably stunning view of the beach.

The project is testament to the professional team that gathered together making  concept into reality, local award-winning builder Todd Grey  played an enormous role in transforming my ideas into reality, every detail was given our consideration from the ever-present top floor apartment constraints to custom-made cabinetry to tiling to wallpaper, fabric and custom furniture.

The result is timeless.

Sharp clean lines suit the monochrome palette of Black and White with a Gold accent

Harlequin Wallpaper and fabrics

Harlequin wallpaper with Bianca Lorenne bed linen……beautiful!

colour me green

  • 21 October 2013

Response to our bold choice of colour for Ultimate Homes show home at  The Lakes subdivision in  Tauranga has been nothing but positive!

The show home boasts a stunning cliff top location with an unexpected panoramic view. The decision to use Dulux Wright Hill was a simple case of bringing the outside in.

Wright Hill is a soft shade of green with a slight yellow base so the effect is both soft and refreshing at the same time, the walls have become a back drop to the view and the home has buckets of personality!

I always encourage my clients to be bold with colour, don’t be afraid to stamp your home with YOUR personality after all at the end of the day it’s just a pot of paint!

Go on …. do it!