Nature’s Architect

  • 8 December 2013

It’s easy to get scooped up into the madness of this time of year, before you know it your driving like a crazy person with your list of “to do’s” growing as quickly as the days are passing.  How delightful would it be to be able to escape to a home like this?, These image make you stop and breathe.  I love everything about this home, the use of raw materials, how this inside draws you out, planning detailed enough to include the effect of the sunlight!

In fact the entire portfolio is stunning!  Viewing the beautiful rich earthy homes I was thinking now that’s my favourite, only to browse the next home and think oh no ‘THAT”S my favourite! It was hard to pick just one of the many projects by the Melbourne boutique scale architectural studio Wolveridge Architects. One of the key principles of the company to “create a building form that is physically beautiful and enriches the lives of the occupants”

These images are of the Eltham South, Blairgowrie project


Practical kitchens

  • 28 November 2013

As we gallop towards  the festive season time spent dreaming of the perfect kitchen seems to increase, all the little niggles that you’ve had over the year seem to amplify, the drawer runners are sticker, the cupboards don’t cope with the mountain of food you brought back from the supermarket and the rubbish seems to multiply as soon as you turn your back!

So while you dice, season and stir hold those thoughts and make a list of all the things that don’t function in your kitchen then make a wish list, start a scrap-book of styles you like, remember the new kitchen needs to sit well within the architecture of your home, when its finished it should look like it belongs.

How the kitchen looks is important but beyond that  is how  functions, it must be a practical space with careful planning storage can be optimised even within the smallest of spaces.  The clever folk at Blum have a fantastic range of  products that do just that, hardware that transforms the space under your sink

SPACE TOWER larder units, customised to any width and configuration make easy access pantry storage.  ORGA-LINE  cutlery and utensil divisions provide a place for everything.  Soft-close BLUMOTION allows drawers and doors to close softly and effortlessly.

Blum have two inspiring showrooms,  locations here, that are well worth a visit. It’s a opportunity for a try before you buy experience of their practical DYNAMIC SPACE systems. Believe me there is no going back once you have seen whats on offer.

beach front apartment living

  • 5 November 2013

Apartment living can pose plenty of challenges from a design perspective, particularly when the space is to be a permanent residence.

With my inner need to make all things functional and beautiful I was definitely up for the challenge.

The client brief was simple, the only restriction to the Mount Maunganui beach front penthouse apartment were the exterior walls. The existing floor plan was a poor use of space, the interior dated and tired so the decision was made to gutt the apartment and start with a clean slate.

Many many many concepts later we found the solution; open plan living  pivoting around the central kitchen with direct  access to the deck creating the hub of the home, a hidden office space incorporated into the dining room, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms all in a striking monochrome palette perfect for showcasing the undeniably stunning view of the beach.

The project is testament to the professional team that gathered together making  concept into reality, local award-winning builder Todd Grey  played an enormous role in transforming my ideas into reality, every detail was given our consideration from the ever-present top floor apartment constraints to custom-made cabinetry to tiling to wallpaper, fabric and custom furniture.

The result is timeless.

Sharp clean lines suit the monochrome palette of Black and White with a Gold accent

Harlequin Wallpaper and fabrics

Harlequin wallpaper with Bianca Lorenne bed linen……beautiful!

colour me green

  • 21 October 2013

Response to our bold choice of colour for Ultimate Homes show home at  The Lakes subdivision in  Tauranga has been nothing but positive!

The show home boasts a stunning cliff top location with an unexpected panoramic view. The decision to use Dulux Wright Hill was a simple case of bringing the outside in.

Wright Hill is a soft shade of green with a slight yellow base so the effect is both soft and refreshing at the same time, the walls have become a back drop to the view and the home has buckets of personality!

I always encourage my clients to be bold with colour, don’t be afraid to stamp your home with YOUR personality after all at the end of the day it’s just a pot of paint!

Go on …. do it!

industrial furniture

  • 10 October 2013

Continuing the search along the lines of my last post for design elements with an Industrial theme I was delighted to find this gem.   The Metro Table by De Castelli. The Metro is made with acid-etched iron sheet or natural black iron, folded to hold the two firewood trestles

De Castelli is an Italian company with generations of blacksmiths and steelworkers passing down their craft. In true Italian style De Castelli combine traditional craft with future technology and innovation.

The Italian eye for detail is clearly seen here on The Metro. The shapes are so simple, the contrasting materials stunning! Is it necessary? …Yes, is it Beautiful? …Yes! 

Visit  and www.decastelliit/it for more.

industrial kitchens

  • 30 September 2013

I’ve  stumbled across a kitchen image that made me lean a little closer to my laptop screen just to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me … no deception just inspiration!! The VIPP Kitchen is really something special.

You may need to lean a little closer too … see how each gas trivet is integrated directly into the Stainless Steel top, so  streamline, so simple!!

Gas hobs alway seem cumbersome and difficult to clean, VIPP have resolved this and made the cooking pattern flexible.

VIPP a Scandinavian company recognised world-wide for their iconic VIPP  rubbish bins are a family business with a strong focus on quality materials, mechanics and function.

 The resulting kitchens and bathrooms are breath-taking.  Kitchen door and drawer fronts are Stainless steel, streamline bench tops are seamless Stainless Steel allowing the integration of the sink and cooking areas.

Even the hot-pot trivets are stunning!

The strong  industrial aesthetic is fantastic, the cabinetry legs give the look of furniture, the finely profiled top sits discreetly. Its a look that would fit comfortably within any sleek architectural home. enjoy!

Super cool bungalow renovation

  • 9 September 2013

I recently had the pleasure of working with Kyle and Karen on the renovation of their home in Mount Maunganui. During our  first meeting I could see instantly it was going to be a great project, they both clearly had excellent taste as their bungalow  was oozing with a fantastic collection of much-loved goodies.

My brief was to provide them with a concept floor plan that would improve the flow of the home focusing on the entrance, laundry, kitchen and bathroom. The changes  needed to keep within the original footprint of the home and work around all existing windows. 

The current layout was a dated and inefficient use of the limited available space, so we combined the well proportioned laundry into an entry, laundry and scullery space, changed the kitchen to a functional galley and added a free-standing bath and wet area shower to the bathroom.  With all the boxes ticked we continued onto designing a kitchen to suit the  elongated galley space.   Karen requested a lowered desk area that could accommodate a bar stool, a space that would work  for a guest to hang out while cooking was underway, or for every day laptop use.

I suggested a turned table leg to support the lowered area, an interesting end to streamlined kitchen cabinetry creating a sence of weightlessness and  the illusion of extra space….. it works a treat!

clever storage

  • 21 August 2013

“More storage” is often part of a clients design brief, here is a clever New Zealand made solution…Ecobox by Lundia. 

Lunda is a N.Z based company that design, manufacture, supply customised timber storage solutions. Respect for the planet is central to Lundia’s philosophy they are fully certified by Environmental Choice NZ and further verified by EnvironSpec.

Ecobox is modular storage system available in 4 different sizes, boxes are made of sustainably harvested plantation grown 18mm pine. The concept is a result of recycling smaller waste pieces left over from larger shelving projects. Brilliant!! I really admire companies that strive to limit their environmental impact, Lundia is an excellent example of sustainable business.

Mix and match to suit your needs ….  beautiful and functional.

colour and texture

  • 25 July 2013

Textiles are my favourite part of any Interior project. I can quite happily while away hours searching through fabric houses for the perfect upholstery or drapery fabric.

The right combination of fabric is such an easy way to add personality,  drama and of course comfort and warmth….its the icing on the cake  of any project.

Unfortunately fabric is often overlooked in budgets, with the thought of “I’ll just put up something cheap and cheerful for the time being”      Aaahhh don’t do it!!!       The cheap and cheerful never get around to being replaced, invariably they aren’t a great fit, and don’t wear well. Do it once do it right. Money spent on a quick fix is better invested in something that will last and that you LOVE. With a little thought and lots of imagination you don’t have to blow the budget. 

Try these Window treatment tips; A simple single pleat to the front of drapes (Mono Pleat) will use less fabric, use a combination of Roman Blinds and Drapes in the same room – blinds take less fabric and make furniture placement easier, Install curtains 100mm down from the scotia … instant elegance. Block out roller blinds behind a sheer drape/roman blind for softness. Don’t forget colour, colour, colour, COLOUR!!!

Check out Mr Fox from UK base fabric house Scion…he’s long, low and cool!! The image above is also from the Scion collection.


  • 9 May 2013

A slight shift in wallpaper trends is underway. This stunning Harlequin paper is a great example. Patterns are becoming smaller creating a subtle background to an Interior rather than the bold single feature walls we have become accustomed to.  These new wallpaper patterns are small enough to use on every wall of a room.  It’s a nice change!